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Scanotes allows account holders to upload any kind of document to our cloud and then link these documents to a QR Code. The QR Code can then be scanned by any smart phone or tablet and all the documents viewed anytime and anywhere.


This account is for every leasehold and freehold property owner in the UK to be able to store all information related to their property so documents are never lost and all stored in a secure place with access to all documents 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This includes building works information, warranties, guarantees, selling information, local information notes, photographs. Basically all the information you have on your property. When you sell your property your agent will simply transfer your property account to the new property owner.

This account is for estate agents, commercial agents, developers and house builders to create a property account. Estate agents and commercial agents will create property accounts on behalf of the property owner to ensure every property in the UK has an account. Developers and house builders will create property accounts for new build developments that are then transferred to the new property owners.

This account is for all construction related professionals, builders, contractors and sub-contractors to allow them to have easy access to drawings, details, specifications, photographs, reports etc for every building project worked on. This is done via creating QR Codes that allow the access to all documents anywhere at anytime by simply scanning a QR Code that can be displayed on websites, construction sites, documents, sign boards etc.


QR (Quick Response) Codes are becoming more and more popular to allow easy and instant access to websites. When scanning a QR code with a smart phone or tablet it automatically takes you to a specific website. Our business concept uses this technology, but takes the functionality of QR Codes to the next level. Account holders can upload documents/files onto our website and generate a QR Code which then allows all documents and files to be accessed anytime and anywhere simply by scanning the QR Code. .

Our members can be any company or individual that would like to promote themselves in a quick and easy manner for direct marketing. Scanotes can then be read at anytime and anywhere with ease by the user who scans the scanote. All of our scanotes can also be scanned and read through any QR reader.

Our members benefit by having a subscription in a number of ways. Each scanote that is created can be displayed on any marketing or published material to allow maximum publicity in a direct manner by uploading relevant marketing material to the scanote. Less advertising space is required as only minimal information and the QR code for the scanote is required on any adverts, therefore saving money. Less hard copy brochures/leaflets/flyers etc are required as all of these can be uploaded to the scanote, therefore saving money. Members can sync between our app and their website account to ensure they have all their marketing publications at their fingertips instead of having to carry around with them bulky brochures etc. When meeting clients it is then easy to pass all marketing information over by either scanning the QR code from the scanote or sharing via the app.

At trade shows, customers can use any QR reader or download our free scanotes app to be able to take away all marketing brochures, technical specifications, flyers etc in a quick and easy manner, instead of having to carry home bags of heavy brochures. In magazines customers can use the QR Code from our scanote to allow the reader to download full company details, specific technical information, brochures, flyers etc providing the consumer with much more direct information than just a standard advert. Real Estate Agents can use the QR Code from the scanote on sign boards, in shopfront windows, magazines or other publications to promote properties in a direct manner to allow potential clients to view full property details in PDF format plus other relevant marketing material in one simple scan.

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